Healingtorch Home Healthcare Services offer PCA services that include traditional PCA and the Personal Care Provider Organization (PCPO) services. We are fully licensed by the State of Minnesota and fully bonded for our services and employees. Our PCA staff are licensed by the state, HIPAA trained and have undergone all required background checks per state and federal laws to provide unparalleled, professional, client-specific cultural sensitive and ethical cares in the comfort of their individual homes.


Our Mission is to provide the best possible PCA services that is supportive, inclusive, and life fulfilling to our clients in the comfort of their individual homes, and out in the communities across the State of Minnesota. We offer.

Core Value

We strive for the best to provide the best possible quality PCA cares services to meet the individual need of each client that we serve. We are guided by the principle that all people are entitled to a meaningful baseline quality of care, and will work passionately through our PCA services, to support individual needing assistance to meet these basic quality of needs.



Our vision is to provide each client with a Healingtorch experience that is uplifting to the mind, body and soul, and recommendable to others needing such assistance.